Using Social Media to Sell Your Home
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Published on December 20, 2021
Using Social Media to Sell Your Home

Using Social Media to Sell Your Home

Need to sell your home? Use social media! Find out how you can use social media to attract the right buyer and increase exposure.

How to use social media to sell your home

If you want to sell your home, there are a number of things that need to be done. You’ll want to do some minor renovations, spruce up the inside and outside, get it photographed professionally with great photos so people can see what they are getting online before they even come over for a tour.You will also want to join social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. These days, everyone has an account on one or both of these sites – whether it’s personal or business use is up to you! Once you have created accounts on both platforms, begin posting about your house as well as using hashtags that pertain specifically with real estate. For example: #realestate #homesforsale #sellahome.This article will provide you with tips and tricks for how to sell your home using social media. 

Take Professional Photos

Professional photos of your home are a must for all real estate agents, whether they're advertising on Facebook or in traditional media. Without them you risk losing 32% of potential buyers and sellers! Here is some great advice from an expert photographer about how to get amazing shots that will make any listing stand out:

  • Get up high so there’s no clutter below while showing off the views outside;
  •  Use natural light whenever possible 
  •  Make sure each room has at least two angles with different Lighting situations

Use Videos for 3D Tours 

If you’re not able to show your home in person, use video! Grabbing people’s attention is a lot harder on social media than just popping over with an open house. With 360-degree cameras and virtual tours that give buyers a complete walkthrough experience from anywhere they are – it’ll be hard for them to scroll past without stopping by at least long enough to get some information about what this place has going on inside of its walls.

If you want to be able to show your products off, then hiring a videographer is worth the expense. They can create engaging and entertaining videos with cameras or even drones that will draw potential buyers in.

Use Facebook or other Social Platforms

How do you know who to target?

Well, the first step is making sure your audience has a social media account. If they don’t then it’s not too late! You can create Facebook ads that market on Instagram and even use popular photo-sharing sites as an entry point into connecting with potential buyers by way of inviting them through their feed or following other users – before reaching out directly via email newsletter etc. It may take some time but eventually word about how amazing your home is going to get around. 


Facebook is a great way to sell your home. You can share it with friends and family, but in order for that content consumption strategy to work the most efficiently on social media sites like Facebook ads are worth considering because they allow you set daily budgets ahead of time so there’s no overspending when things get busy! Narrowing down demographics using criteria such as location/age will help target buyers who have shown interest in certain types of properties before – these specific consumers often prove more valuable than wider groups since each individual has unique needs or preferences whereas “everybody” might want something different from one another anyway


If you want people to find your listing on Instagram, post photos and videos of what makes it special.You can also include posts from other social media sites like Twitter or Facebook in order to give a fuller picture. It is also helpful to use hashtags when sharing  your property on instagram.

Have your agent share on their social pages

If you’re working with an agent, encourage them to share their listing on all the social media accounts. It can provide a big boost in promotion and exposure for your property because of how many followers they have already built up over time engaging other people through these platforms. Even better? See if that particular real estate professional will create Facebook ads targeted at potential buyers or renters so it has maximum impact!

If you feel like your real estate agent is not doing enough to promote or advertise the property, then they may need more help.

The best way for them to increase their exposure of this business would be by switching agencies with someone who can give them all that they need!

Bottom Line

 To make the most of social media, you need to take a proactive approach and use it as an advertising opportunity. You can start attracting new clients by using tips from this article: 

  1. Take professional photos 
  2. Use videos for 3D Tours
  3.  Use social media to boost engagement 

Every day, social media is a new opportunity for you to sell your home. You can use it as an advertisement by posting pictures and videos of the inside and outside of your space with captions that entice people to come see what's on offer. Or if you have pets or children, snap some shots from their perspective so prospective buyers will know they won’t be alone in this move. When someone comments on one of these photos asking about something specific like how much room there is for kids to play, you should post a reply answering them directly so they don't have to search through other posts looking for answers themselves. This way not only are you selling your house but providing other homeowners advice too!


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