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Jessie Harlan

Jessie is the office manager at Bydand, after six years in the education field she decided to bring her skills of organization and management to the Bydand team. When not working she enjoys being outdoors, running, cooking, and spending time with family.

Cody Carmelo

Cody is an up-and-coming mortgage advisor with extensive experience in the customer service industry. He spent years mastering his customer service skills managing multiple restaurants in Southern Orange County. Cody decided to bring his mastery of hospitality into the mortgage industry to help fulfill the dream of homeownership. When not working Cody enjoys golfing, surfing, […]

Chris Hull

Chris is an up-and-coming mortgage advisor with a degree from The Ohio State University. He spent years honing his hospitality and customer service skills managing restaurants and co-owning a dance studio with his wife. Chris decided the mortgage industry would allow him to spend time with his two young daughters while allowing him to utilize […]

Ryan Gale

Ryan was the first recipient to graduate with a degree in Entrepreneurship from The Ohio State University. Over the years, Ryan has been known for his hard work and serial entrepreneurship, owning businesses such as Premier Parking, Club Wash, Premier Festival Solutions, and Donkey Dumpster. He has spent the last 7 years devoting himself to […]

Lauren Tickey

Lauren is a dedicated loan processor with a background in the Finance industry. She thrives in dynamic roles where effective communication and excellent service are imperative. She derives much joy from executing tasks and enhancing the client experience in order to meet and exceed expectations. In her free time Lauren enjoys spending time outdoors, socializing […]