How to Prepare Your Yard for the Fall
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Published on September 25, 2020
How to Prepare Your Yard for the Fall

How to Prepare Your Yard for the Fall

Photo by JoEllen Moths from Pexels

Need a few tips on how to prepare your yard for the fall? Here are some things to keep in mind as the weather starts getting a bit cooler.

Prepare Grass for the Fall by Mowing

Yes, you need to keep mowing your grass for a bit longer. As long as it's growing, you need to keep mowing. 

But as the weather cools off, it's important to start mowing the grass shorter. You want to cut it as short as possible before the winter, keeping the grass healthier. It also makes raking easier once the leaves start falling. 

Just make sure you don't make a drastic change in height at once. Lower your mower setting by just 1-2 notches at a time. If you cut off too much grass at once, it can harm the plants.

Grow New Grass in Bald Areas

Do you have bald spots around the yard? This is common, as a lot of things can cause it: something being left in the grass for too long, pets frequently urinating in the same spot, not enough sunlight in that area (or too much and the grass got scorched), etc. 

The fall is a great time to plant new grass. This gives it time to grow some roots and get a foundation, then when the spring hits it's ready to grow and you'll have a beautiful lawn. 

Likewise, maybe you have some areas that were previously dirt or covered in something like mulch, pine straw or rocks. If you want to grow grass there, now is a great time to plant the seeds. 

The easiest solution is to buy an all-in-one product at your local DIY shop. These products contain the grass seed, fertilizer and an organic mulch – all crucial aspects of sprouting healthy grass. 

Consider Fertilizing the Grass

Why do so many people recommend fertilizing in the fall? Well even though the grass blades aren't growing very much, their roots are. By adding fertilizer in the fall, you're helping the grass establish a healthier, stronger root system. This will help them grow faster and healthier in the spring. 

If you're going to do this yourself, you can choose either liquid fertilizer or granules. Another option is to hire a professional if you don't have the time right now. 

Rake Often

Most people can think of things they'd rather do than rake leaves, but it's something a lot of us have to do every fall. Because it's not exactly something we look forward to, it can be tempting to just let the leaves pile up for a few weeks before taking out the rake. 

That's a bad idea. 

If multiple layers of leaves fall on the ground without getting raked up, the bottom layer can get moist, mushy, and unhealthy for your grass. The mush will smother your beautiful green grass, but it won't be evident until you rake everything up. 

Instead, try to rake frequently. Everyone's situation is different, but once a week is a good frequency to shoot for. 

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